Senior Playground: Why this is what you need in your 50+ community

People are living longer. And, as they say, the 30 is the new 20, the 40 is the new 30, and the 50 is the new 40. What everyone wants is to age with health, energy, and independence. And how can a senior playground help with that?

In communities focused on older adults, usually, there is the implementation of health and well-being programs, hiring specialized professionals such as doctors and nutritionists, and the availability of devices that can be easily used and operated by the elderly.

Making these devices available in playground format is an essential task for condominium managers who want to generate value and encourage the health of all residents.

Here we’ll show you three reasons why you should put a senior playground in your home, condo, or community.

1 – User-friendly devices

Many seniors claim that they don’t like going to gyms because they don’t feel comfortable using complex, poorly adapted devices.

The devices available on a senior playground have an ergonomic design created by experts that makes them ideal for various body types and, best of all, they are easy to use.

This user-friendliness allows everyone to feel comfortable and safe for regular physical activity and use these types of equipment in their routines, driving independence, which is something older people search and aims for.

2- Fun and socialization

More than stimulating physical activity and body movement, a senior playground promotes fun in a community or condominium. That’s why they also become the favorite place for the children who live there.

In addition, it is an excellent place for residents to socialize, which is ideal for older people who live alone or want to meet and make new friends. Just remembering to keep the necessary distance and care to avoid contamination by the coronavirus.

3- A safe solution in times of Covid

As we discussed previously in this article, outdoor fitness equipment is a safe option for exercising in times of pandemics.

As it is outdoors, the risk of contamination is significantly reduced if we compare it to gyms with several people exercising simultaneously.

Furthermore, there’s no need for commuting to get to the gyms with a senior indoor playground, which further reduces contact with other people outside the community.


So far, we’ve shown you that a senior playground is a safe and easy-to-use option; it provides a pleasant and friendly environment; and is still a safe option in times of coronavirus.

Interested and want to know more? It is essential to have a reliable partner company with highly qualified professionals when installing a senior playground.

Ginast specializes in outdoor gyms and aims to make them more accessible and available, as it believes that health and well-being can transform a community, neighborhood, or city.

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