Tips on having a more fitness and active condominium

Condominiums are preferred by a good part of the population, given the safety, practicality, and leisure options available.

And a condo can also offer the possibility to practice physical activity without the commute necessity, increasing, even more, the list of its benefits. Living in fitness and active condominium is what many people want.

An outdoor gym inside the condominium allows the inhabitants to have a more active life, which impacts their health and the quality of life and satisfaction obtained with the space in which they live.

Let’s check out some of the best strategies for residents to increase their participation in physical activities and thus reap a series of benefits in their lives!

How to encourage residents to participate in physical activities?

Encourage a resident to be more fit can be easier than you think.

You can create activities that can be implemented quickly and result in intangible benefits in the short term.

Some of the best strategies to put these plans into action are:

Encourage group activities

Encouragement from other people helps make everyone more motivated to exercise. That’s why it’s common to enlist the help of friends, colleagues, and relatives to exercise together.

The condominium managers can organize a time for the unit owners to practice exercises together with the help of a professional in the area, such as a physical education teacher, who can guide them to practice the best activities.

To encourage everyone to participate, you can survey residents asking the best time for them to exercise. With the results and preference of the majority, the chosen time tends to have more participation.

The costs related to hiring the professional may come from the condominium fee or even prorate among the participants, according to what is most appropriate for each case.

Create a group for sharing information about health and wellness

It is not uncommon for condominiums to have groups in messaging apps, especially Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, where information relevant to the owners is shared.

Even if a group of this type does not yet exist, it is possible to ask the residents interested in participating in a group of this type and take the first step towards creating a virtual space for quality of life.

In this group, participants can give tips on healthy eating, exercises to perform in the apartment or open spaces, or even arrange a time for everyone to practice activities together.

Thus, in addition to the tips always being available, they can strengthen ties and create new friendships with other residents.

Install a great outdoor gym inside the condo

One project with the most significant potential to provide benefits is the creation of an outdoor gym in a condominium, capable of resulting in a considerable increase in the quality of life.

Having a gym in the condominium allows residents to exercise, literally, without having to leave the house, with all the practicality, convenience, and security that this can offer.

Its performance will occur as in a leisure area in the condominium, where residents will be able to take care of the health of their bodies and minds and improve their social relationships, which is beneficial in several areas.

Another feature that deserves to be highlighted in a condominium gym is that unit owners can exercise without paying the monthly fee for a gym, which can be very expensive, especially for more than one person.

Hire a nutritionist

An active life is directly linked to physical exercise, whether at the gym in a condominium, walking around the block, or indoors. Still, there is also a direct connection with food.

When consuming healthy foods that offer the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for the human body, the result is a strong feeling of disposition, which influences the interest in exercising and weight control.

It is worth having a nutritionist inside the condominium who can help prepare diets and recommend supplements and vitamins beneficial to the body and mind of those interested.

Appointments can happen weekly or monthly, which is also an excellent benefit for the tenants’ health in the short, medium, and long term, without losing time searching for a professional outside the condo.

A condominium gym is among the best options to keep the tenants active

In addition to offering suitable housing, with security and modernity, condominium managers must also care for the residents’ quality of life, which directly impacts the added value of the location and each unit.

By demonstrating that this interest exists, the tenants will notice how the managers are concerned with a complete housing experience, increasing their satisfaction and providing an even happier and more enjoyable environment.

The gym in the condominium is suitable for people of all ages and physical conditioning. There is equipment developed for people with disabilities, which is also beneficial in terms of social inclusion.

In addition, the investment required to acquire such equipment fits into the condominium’s budget, in addition to the fact that they can be installed outdoors, which significantly reduces infrastructure costs.

Take the opportunity and make the gym in the condominium a reality.

Together with the other ventures mentioned in the text, an outdoor gym will make your condominium a fitness and active place!

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