Meet our Dog Park product line!

Your dog deserves the best. That is why Go Outdoors Amenities has developed the best Dog Park line in the market, with countless equipments that will make your friend have the time of their life. Learn about some of them!


The Championship Weave Poles are a “must have” in an agility training course. The set is made with resistant materials and offer your pet an enhanced training experience. Besides that, they painted in vibrant colors to help your dog navigate the course with ease.


A great addition to any Dog Park, the ProBalance Canine Teeter-Totter is designed to meet competition standards and offer a dynamic challenge for all dogs. It enhances your pet’s balance and coordination. Besides that, it engages your dog’s core muscles, being a great and healthy exercise.


This exercise is crafted to elevate your dog’s agility training and develop their jumping skills. Just like the Weave Poles, it offers great visibility for your dog with a yellow-painted hoop and promotes muscle development, as well as cardiovascular health.


Go Outdoor Amenities has three different Dog Park lines designed to ensure a great day for your pet and fit into your budget. Besides the best products and equipments, we also offer:

Quick Installation: Ready to enjoy in no time! 

Products Stocked in the USA: Fast delivery and setup. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your furry friend’s life. Access our website or our social media and get in touch with us to start this great chapter!