Fitness Trail: know more about this kind of outdoor physical equipment

The year was 1903. On May 8, a French man named George Hébert was the key figure who commanded the evacuation of a town called Saint Pierre, where Mount Pelair, a then active volcano whose eruption killed more, is located. Of 30,000 people. Shaken, the Frenchman blamed himself for not having saved more people, for having let many lives be lost in that event. Fitness Trail: know more about this kind of outdoor physical equipment!

For him, the fact that people lack the proper preparation to flee was a real torment and a turning point. That’s when he decided he wanted to change that scenario. To promote better physical and psychological conditioning for more individuals, George developed a complex method called the ‘Natural Method,’ which would pave the way for the Fitness Trail.

Sailor and fan of all the physical development of human beings, Hébert observed that African natives had very high bodily qualities, and without any special preparation, a capacity acquired from their nature and daily life. It was the definitive proof for him to understand that it was possible to develop simple practices that offered people the whole activity of their bodies.

Influenced by doctors and educators,  George kept looking to explore this area, and this was the start for him to assume, once and for all, the paternity of the Natural Method, which even today has roots in the methods we know, such as Parkour, which is an art to exercise the body from obstacles placed in cities, such as walls, stairs, handrails or any other surface.

No wonder he listed ten skills needed for exploration: Marching, Running, Jumping, Quadrupedal Movement, Climbing, Balancing, Carrying and Throwing Weights; Lifting Weights, Fighting and Swimming. These skills, combined with willpower, coolness, and security, gave the individual the ability to be ‘beneficial for everyday tasks, such as climbing hills, carrying artifacts, and jumping from trees.

Hébert stated, “The problem of physical education is not faced initially aiming at the need and possibility of producing natural or fundamental work, but programs that only contemplate gymnastics and sport.”

In modern days, training has turned a lot to traditional gyms and carries with it a demand related to aesthetics and slightly sporty, but without any focus on working other skills and evolving naturally. Climbing a wall in case of need, climbing somewhere to solve a big problem, will undoubtedly be a problem, after all, we don’t train in this type of activity.

Fitness trail

It is a fitness trail, clipping path, or course consisting of a path or course with outdoor exercise equipment or obstacles installed along its length to exercise the human body to promote good health. It is the modern way of fulfilling what Hébert predicted at the beginning of the 20th century but adapted to the contemporary world.

So, we have listed four great benefits of the natural method and the Fitness Trail, and before you think that this is a practice that will take you to natural environments and lead you to situations of low structure, review this idea and understand, in practice, how to put this lavish lifestyle into your routine through outdoor installations.

1) Variation of the muscles

It was agreed that the correct physical practice is based on standard and composing training in gyms, aiming at aesthetic and physical capacity. It often takes years of repetition in controlled situations, in cool places, and without the variety that would more faithfully portray the daily requirement of everyday life. Therefore, pieces of training such as the Fitness Trail provide more ordinary situations, which give the student the ability to work a much higher amount of muscle groups, making up a complete, adequate, and generalist activity, in the good sense of time, to generate effectiveness to the people.

2) Eco-friendly

Being ecologically efficient is today an increasingly current and desired practice for any activity. Be it a large industrial company or even an academy. The outdoor installations, connected to nature and without aggressiveness to the environment, give this style of physical activity the seal of environmental care. More than that, providing clients and students with the chance to be part of this ecosystem in which they will feel better at home, more welcomed, and aware of being in a place that will improve their health are unquestionable benefits.

3) Promote Friendship and Wellness

Gyms have become environments with little interaction. More and more, loud music, people with headphones, low turnover, and an unfriendly atmosphere. This lack of sociability, even because it is an undemocratic place for different ages and interests, impacts the comfort of those looking for more contact and well-being. Outdoor installations reader to the Fitness Trail provides a place to socialize and the effort and dedication to the training itself. Being in a friendly, democratic place that serves everyone with the same disposition and ease is exposing the sport and valuing what the Natural Method has always envisioned, which is to understand everyday life.

4) Outdoor location

Being in an open place, allied to nature, integrated with neighborhoods and homes, is the way to combine what is necessary with what is useful. Following the recommendations against Covid, offering the opportunity to train with the fresh air of nature, without the action of air conditioners or even fans, which impact on health, it is a return to the roots, of proximity to what is natural, offering opportunity for a good workout without giving up to adapt all this to what a person needs. It is the modern way to understand the Natural Method through the Fitness Trail.

It is clear, given all this, that there is a new old training format, which combines knowledge from the beginning of the 20th century and which were adapted to modern demands with the Fitness Trail, giving people the democratization of physical activity and better preparation for all obstacles that may arise.

Aware of this, Ginast offers the complete structure for outdoor installations, unqualified equipment, and all the work necessary to build an area of ​​activities that meet all these benefits mentioned. Schedule a meeting, discover the services integrated into residential condominiums and the other housing regions, set up your project, and offer this new lifestyle to people today with the Fitness Trail.